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IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards

The IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards is a set of development tools and assets that utilize the Microsoft .NET Framework to aid insurance firms and software vendors in the integration of existing applications and business logic with ACORD web services. Targeting the property and casualty and life and annuity businesses, the IVC Software Factory is an extension of Microsoft’s broader IVC Architecture Framework, released in 2006. Hosted on Microsoft’s open-source development portal CodePlex ( and available free to the insurance community, the IVC Software Factory includes ready-to-run Microsoft Visual Studio development projects, samples, whitepapers and a next-generation Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 reference user interface – all of which can be consumed and implemented within insurance environments today.

Link to the live demo of the silverlight app hosted in Windows Azure: Requires Silverlight 2.0 released version.
Demo script available on the Releases tab (WoodgroveLiveRelease Demo Script).

Here is a recent industry webcast that covers the software factory

Here are two videos from the ACORD conference that discuss the software factory.

Here is an upcomming training class offered by industry expert David Platt

Colin Cole -- Microsoft Industry Technology Strategist for Insurance

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